Filter 78 / if <1 ohm
Following the announcement of ANAT’s winning bid to host ISEA2013 in Sydney, this issue of Filter magazine features articles from some of ISEA2013′s main protagonists and looks back at ISEA2011 in Istanbul.
December 2011

Filter 77 / Making Creative Practice Pay
From starving artist to creative entrepreneur, Filter 77 examines the ideologies and processes involved with putting a commercial value on creative practice.

July 2011

Filter 76 / Exploding the Frame
This issue of Filter Magazine documents and explores ANAT’s DomeLab 2010, an intensive, strategically-focused residential workshop for mid-career filmmakers emphasising a trial-and-error approach that prioritised risk-taking and experimentation over finished product.
March 2011

Filter 75 / Habitats for Public Engagement
The human need for social interaction is an integral part of our daily lives. What impact does this have on the environment and architecture we rely on in order to achieve specific outcomes?

November 2010.

Filter 74 / Sustainable Creative Practice
A discussion of the issues affecting the sustainability of creative professionals.

June 2010.

Filter 73 / Interdisciplinary Collaborations
A discussion of interdisciplinary collaborations as critical to the success and survival of creative practitioners in a heavily competitive and commercially focused market.

February 2010.

Filter 72 / The Arts of Sound Issue

Presented by ANAT’s Embracing Sound [ES] Program, in partnership with Art Monthly Australia.
November 2009.

Issue 71 / Out of Print
Debating the benefits of digital technology….
September 2009.

Issue 70 / Screen Play
Screens in contemporary urban life.
February 2009.

Issue 69 / Coding Cloth
New Media Textiles and Wearable Tech.
December 2009.

Issue 68 / ART+SCI 4EVA
Interdisciplinary collaborations between the arts and sciences.
July 2008.

Issue 67 / UR Space
Artists Intervening in Public Space: from Graffiti to Games to LEDs to Laser Tagging.
March 2008.

Issue 66 / Synchresis
Australian Sound Artists working at the spontaneous weld between sounds and image.
December 2007.

Issue 65 / This is not open source
Artists engaging with open source methodology and ideology across software, publishing, cinema and BioArt, with consideration of the community, the individuals, the access and the tools involved.
September 2007.

Issue 64 / reSkin
The future of wearable technology.
February 2007.

Issue 63 / Lo-Fi vs Hi-Tech
Mash-up culture and the impact of legislation on media arts resources.
July 2006.

Issue 62 / Media State
Technological mediation of our daily lives.
March 2006.

Issue 61 / Creative Commons REVOLUTION
Philosophical underpinnings & practical applications of Creative Commons Licenses as applied to media arts practices.
November 2005.

Issue 60 / Art Defining Games
Subverting and diverting game culture.
July 2005.

Issue 59 /
The possibilities and potential of emerging portable media and technologies.
March 2005.

Issue 58 / New Media + Public Space
Projection art and new media artworks in public spaces.
November 2004.

Issue 57 / The Sound Issue
Sound arts issue launched at Liquid Architecture 5.

July 2004.

Issue 56 / Art + Science
The first issue of Filter focuses on art and science practice.
March 2004.