The performing arts industry in Australia continues to evolve with the growth of new technologies that expand creative expression and engage new audiences. Advanced resources and practice provide a new vehicle for audiences and artists to access and enhance more traditional performing arts. More than ever before Australians are experiencing these arts forms in new and alternative settings, whether watching a short film on a mobile device or developing digital creative content – as a nation it is essential that we continue to support this dynamic industry.

As performers, audiences, producers, emerging technology developers or educators, We All Play a Part in strengthening the performing arts industry. The Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) has joined with a national coalition of performing arts organisations and leading Australian artists to support the We All Play a Part advocacy campaign. The campaign seeks to build greater understanding of the many ways in which Australians contribute to, and are enriched by our performing arts industry.

The national advocacy campaign is centred on an idea that We All Play a Part in developing Australia’s performing arts industry. The campaign highlights four core themes; nurturing talent; participation and enjoyment; building stronger communities; and national pride. We All Play a Part will also demonstrate the considerable contribution of the performing arts to the national community beyond the activities of the stage.

ANAT are excited to be a part of the We All Play a Part campaign and assisting to strengthen the national arts community. We all play a part whether shooting video on the street, texting on the train, pimping our web 2.0 profiles, armouring up in multi-player games, dressing for cosplay or customising our avatars in online virtual worlds.

The We All Play a Part campaign is a national first, with a broad range of bodies from the arts working together. Members of ANAT can also play their part in this exciting campaign by logging onto the website and registering as a supporter. As a grass roots campaigner, you can download a supporter’s kit, assisting you to promote We All Play a Part and greater recognition of the contribution of the performing arts in your own community.

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