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January 27th, 2010

At the moment Nancy Mauro-Flude is an ethno-blogger for the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam; organises a technical carnival in Slovakia; is on Radio Patapoe Tuesdays 23:00 GMT+2; adds to her underwater database; webcasts the tradestream outside her window; works with radio mike, loop station and powerbook; perfects her solo show “All Of Us [Girls] Have Been Dead For So Long”. (more…)

September 18th, 2009

If art were a part of our living culture would we recognize it as art? In the networked age a significant issue is finding successful models for generating revenue from digital activity. Artists who practice in digital media face this problem constantly – as do the music, literature and publishing industries (perhaps more prominent now with the surge of e-book readers and the development of online libraries such as Google Books). (more…)

August 20th, 2009

What happens when militantly free software, [1] the digital commons‚ a library stocked with applications, protocols, patterns and frameworks and a community of interested, motivated peer collaborators are interwoven? (more…)

July 6th, 2009

Getting started:Lets begin with the image above; this is a “gel electrophoresis” image made with DNA and often called (though the expression is a mis-nomer) a “DNA Fingerprint”. (more…)

July 6th, 2009

There is something to be said for practical learning. It is one thing to spout theories about using open content licensing (OCL) to open up new worlds of creative endeavour and it is an entirely different thing to get out there and do it. (more…)

January 26th, 2009

Our daily lives are mediated by technology. Interpersonal relationships are facilitated by phone, txt and email and our perspectives on the state of local, regional and global affairs are delivered via public video screens, radio, broadcast TV, net lists and blogs.  (more…)

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